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The Fun Stuff


I'm a Professional Dominatrix in San Diego, California. I embody everything that is
Fem Domme, BDSM, and all that is kink. I specialize in CBT, forced feminization, humiliation, ballbusting, sounding, trampling, electric play, public humiliation (absolute favorite), sissy play, smacking, OTK spanking, confinement, body worship, and foot Goddess. I'm very much about impact play and corporal punishment (bull whips, crops, and paddles galore!)


I've finally found my niche in life and I thoroughly enjoy what I do. Every one of my subs and everyone I come across will tell you that I'm full of life, love, and the pursuit of Domination. 

“There is no limit to how much you'll know", depending how far beyond Zebra you go"
— Dr. Seuss

  • What are your Requirements?
    Please be sincere and genuine, my number one rule is honesty! Do not waste my time!
  • What is to be Expected?
    Look, no domina is going to tell you what is to happen during your session… not knowing is part of the fun! Once the session request form is filled out I will look it over and start planning my scene and customize it to the info provided, remember TRUST is crucial.
  • How long are you sessions?
    Sessions vary in length but I recommend 1.5-2 hours because sometimes a hour is not enough for what fun activities I have derived. I don’t offer 30 min in person sessions because that is obviously a ‘wham bam thank you mistress’ and there will be none of that.
  • Will there be marks?
    Depends on the severity of the session requested but there are safewords and limits considered.
  • How do I submit(start)?
    Fill out my form, intricately answering All my questions and be patient for I will contact you if you are worthy of being in my presence. After I, hopefully for you, contact you to begin scheduling. You must follow my guidelines prior.
  • What are my guidelines prior to session?
    First of all breathe! You did it! You were accepted by mistress! Now you must deposit 75$ to hold your spot and you can do that via apple pay, square cash or in person. Rest is due at beginning of the session but inside a birthday card for mistress. Sessions vary $200-$400 depending on many factors but typically $300
  • Instructions before a session.
    -shower/be clean -enema night before(because we all know you’re filled with shit) -be on time(not late, NOT EARLY) -deodorant (yes please) -nice cologne, because I believe scent is very important to forge a special bond with my submissives(plus it masks your smell)
  • Why would a session be stopped?
    -rude or disrespectful behavior is not accepted. -any attempts to touch mistress without her allowing first will not be permitted (yes I’am protected) -any individual under the influence of a substance -any person soliciting sex, I’am not a prostitute so go fuck yourself
  • Do you take newbies?
    Of course, I’d love to be the one that pops the mistress cherry!

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It will please your Mistress

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