• Lady Ruby Rebel

“Having had a spiritual awakening....”

As a result of these steps , we continued to carry this message to the alcoholic who still suffers, and to practice principles before personalities ....”

To this day I would not be where I am at all if it wasn’t for that special little annonymous program ...it took a village back then do raise Me up from the depths of despair ..... and it’s those same principles amd ideologies that ring very true to My daily existence even 5 years later from D-Day lol! And isn’t it interesting that in BDSM one had to submit to a Dominant they paired with in order to achives that balance We all so desperately seek?! Just like in the program mentioned above where we had to “ turn our will and our lives over to the care of God ( higher power ie. Mistress lol ) as we understood him sometimes It’s quite the mind fuck while on this journey ....and I’ll be lucky to make it out alive or sane sometimes ..... but by golly I know one thing for sure ... i don’t give up too easily !


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