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The cries we hear and are quick to forget....

I awoke this morning to chirping birds, the dog snoring and slapping around his big jaws as if he caught quite the tasty rabbit in his dreams, and the routine hustle and shuffling of adjoining neighbors household only to quickly throw my blanket over my head to the All too unpleasant screaming of their new infant twins at the crack of dawn!  I grumpily got out of bed, tripped over the dog, and stumbled to the kitchen to scramble About a cup o joe to get me out of my funk and negativity. The cries continued as I eagerly watched the last drops creep out of my Keurig into my cup and I thought to myself.... when are those twins gonna shut up!!!? 

I stopped myself at that statement and realized .... omg imbecoming a snooty bitterbitch!!!! I to am a momma and I’m familiar with those sweet little cries! They once didn’t annoy me, they o cw brought about a huge smile on my face for my baby who lay there awaiting her mother to take action. 

Those cries were her way of communication and I had forgotten just how I used to view them!!! It wasn’t annoying , it was a time to soothe, comfort, coddle, and care for.  It was a time to love upon that little piece of you.... I had forgotten how to live upon myself and that piece of me!!!! Some days we get so wrapped up in life we forget these simple truths.... cries are not always for the bad and sometimes they are reminders to take a step back..... enjoy those little pleasures and take time for yourself! 

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